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Bikinis, thongs, g-strings, penis shaped pouches, men’s swimwear that exposes balls or shaft and sometimes both for artistic expression. Sheer suits, micro and ultra micro designs that make the wearer look as small as possible. Fem style male transformation¬†swimsuits that completely erase any idea there is a man wearing it by changing the shape of the penis to that of a vagina. This suits are used by much more than just Transsexuals. Many men are into getting in touch with their real feminine side. This is a natural expression for both gay and straight are interested in feeling the sensation. We talked to the company that created the transformation trend and they told us many women order these designs for their men and are highly aroused seeing then in the changed state. Michael the head designer at Koala said he can wear these swimsuit styles to the beach with a group of his girlfriends and he gets hit on just like the other girls. Men have no idea because the suits transformation is total. No penis showing at all. Then there are the male enhancement men’s swimwear designs on the other end of the spectrum. These suits do everything possible to make you look as large as possible. Available in bikinis, thongs and g-strings these suits make even the smallest hung guys look like porn stars and from the outside of the suit no one can tell how these designs work thier magic. There is a large trend away from surf shots and boxer style swimwear into the more body fitting sexy spandex Lycra styles swimsuit designs. You just need to find the right design for your body and comfort level.


Amazing swimwear designs from ultra extreme to fem to male enhancement and everything in between. Mens swimwear

Mens Swimwear

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I just love mens swimwear and I have a huge collection of them. I am into bikinis, thongs, g-strings, fetish spandex and sheer swimwear. I not only collect them because of the way the feel, fit and look, I collect them because I enjoy wearing them. I live in Los Angeles and enjoy the beach most of the year. I travel to exotic locals too and enjoy showing off at least as much skin as my girlfriend. She encourages me to wear the smallest possible swimsuits, it turns her on big time. I love to see her wear micro swimwear to. We both enjoy shaving each other and we once in a while we will go for a couples Brazilian bikini wax. I could write a blog a bout that on it’s own. When I first started collecting mens swimwear most styles in the USA were surf shorts and Speedos so I had to import my bikinis, thongs and G-strings from Europe. It is amazing how things have changed and now the hottest most extreme swimsuits are all made in the USA and mostly from one company. designs the most incredible mens swimwear on the planet. I would know since I have shopped around the world looking for swimwear. Their bikinis, g-strings, thongs, micro and ultra micro swimwear designs are the ultimate in style, fashion, comfort, fit and quality of construction.¬† I figured that looking around the world for the hottest, extreme designs and finding them right in my own backyard was meant to be. I have talked with the guys at and have met them at shows. They export mens swimwear to almost every spot on the globe. I find it very exciting to know there are so many men into wearing the extreme swimsuits I enjoy.


Koala mens swimwear/sexwear


Micro penis shaped mens swimwear by cock wear, anal wear

Micro penis shaped mens swimwear by